Tuesday, December 1, 2015

— To Be 27 —

Through great joys, laughter, valleys and tears along the way, I have made it to twenty-seven years of age. Birthdays are like mile markers in my life. They cause me to pause in remembrance of past "severe mercies" & blessings, and they give me an eager anticipation for what God has in store.

This last year of my life has been good in so many ways.

I broke away from my comfort zone and began attending another church in the Denver area for a couple reasons — one being the desire for more Gospel centered community with other fellow singles in my age category (upper twenties & early thirties.) No church is perfect, but I am grateful for churches that preach the truth of the Gospel, with a love for reaching the world around us.

The Lord was so gracious in supplying a new job for me at Starbucks Coffee Company this last Spring. The timing of my hire couldn't have been more timely. I do love working at a coffee shop!

In September, I learned to embrace my fears (or rather, maybe I learned to let them go?) by taking a solo road trip by myself to the other side of the state, to photograph the Maroon Bells. (Visiting the Maroon Bells has been something I've had on my bucket list for several years now.) Sometimes I wonder if some of us — or rather, I — have not reached my full potential for fear of what could be, or what could happen... instead of taking a risk, leaving my bubble of comfort, facing my fears head-on and letting God show Himself strong in my human vulnerability and weakness. How much I miss when I let fear control me!

This year, the Lord has taught me that I need to be content in my season of loneliness—to find Him 'enough' just as He promised to be. I would be lying to you if I said my singleness hasn't been hard. Are desires of marriage bad to have? No, but until GOD grants it (or IF He grants it at all for me), I pray that He would teach me to wait WELL, to teach me to be single—WELL—while giving God glory. As I continue to depend on Him for my only source of fulfillment and joy in life, I pray that it could be said of me that I learned to be single well.

Mark Dever put it this way, "The basic posture of the Christian life is waiting. Either we're waiting on a spouse, or waiting for children, or waiting for a job promotion, or a bigger house, or our children's salvation, or retirement... and ultimately every Christian is simply waiting for Heaven, for Christ's return." 

I do believe the Lord is coming back soon for His church, and my heart is longing for that day when there will be no more sorrow, crying or remembrances of painful seasons. We will be forever in His presence, worshiping Him together for all of our days because He is the worthy Lamb who gave Himself up for us. I may never be a bride this side of eternity, but I am HIS bride, HE is my Husband, and and one day soon, there is going to be a great and glorious wedding feast to celebrate all that God has done. May our hearts be full of eager anticipation as He prepares us for that Great Wedding Day.

"...Jesus is coming soon.
Like a bride waiting for her groom,
We'll be a church ready for You,
Every heart longing for our King,
We sing, 'Even so come, Lord Jesus come.'"


Marci said...

Happy Birthday to you! Your desire to do God's bidding is a delight to me. Thanks for your encouragement. I don't always 'wait' well. "Delight thyself also in the LORD; . . ." Psalm 37:4a Good to 'hear' from you!

Marci said...

PS Beautiful photography! You have quite a gift!