Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Change of Seasons

Winter came, and is now gone. Everywhere around me, I see evidences of new life and a new season. Both figuratively and literally.

In recent news, my work situation was getting worse and worse the last several months, and I went through a couple abusive situations. Co-workers were leaving in droves. I didn't know quite what to do, other than to keep going and ask God for grace to stay there another day. 

Then one day in February, I happened to find a $5 bill on the ground. It had been several weeks since I had gone to Starbucks for a cup of coffee (because I was trying to save money), so I decided that that $5 was meant for me to go get a drink. I purchased the new Tiramisu Latte at the register and walked down to pick up my drink. I ended up getting into a conversation with the Barista behind the bar. He ended up offering me a job at his new Starbucks that he was opening! I stammered and stuttered in surprise. Wait, what? Did he just GIVE ME a job at Starbucks? But why not? That's like... a dream job, for somebody like me who drinks coffee like water.

So, you guessed it, the Lord so graciously orchestrated for me to get hired at a dream job. It was so unexpected, unplanned, and not thought up by me. God totally wow-ed me! 

With each day, I am LOVING my new job as a Starbucks barista and I am so grateful for the Lord's faithfulness & goodness to give me a wonderful job, a wonderful boss and wonderful co-workers.

The Lord has brought me through the last 12 (difficult) months SO faithfully and as the Spring season brings change and new life, I sense my life is also changing. I am beginning a new chapter in my personal life, and this makes me excited!

In closing, here are some iPhone images of my life the last couple of months...

A Valentine's day latte!

I found a NEW hipster coffee shop in old town, and I absolutely love it! Come visit me, and I'll take you there. :)

“The basic posture of the Christian life is waiting. Either we’re waiting on a spouse, or waiting for children, or waiting for a job promotion, or a bigger house, or our children’s salvation, or retirement… and ultimately every Christian is simply waiting for Heaven, for Christ’s return.” —Mark Dever

I was quite excited about the new Trader Joes that opened up 20 minutes from my house! I remember going to Trader Joes frequently with my Mother during the six years that we lived in Santa Barbara, California. It definitely gave me a love for it now.

My happy place on a Sunday afternoon. Coffee in hand at the bookstore

A visit to Park Church in Denver one Sunday morning

Yes. I totally went into a "man store" (Cabela's) to get a package of warm, cinnamon toasted almonds. It was SO worth it.

Lit a Meadow Showers candle the end of February and watched the movie, "Leap Year." One of my favorite quotes from it..

*as Declan throws Anna's suitcase into his vintage Mini-Cooper*
Anna: "Can you be careful with that, it was a gift from my boyfriend!"
Declan: "He bought you a suitcase?"

I got to together with a couple other single gals from another church and we watched the new Cinderella movie together. One of my favorite lines from this movie, "This is perhaps the greatest risk that any of us will take. To be seen as we truly are."

A coffee shop is a lovely place for an introverted soul to be still & listen. Older Christian men counseling younger men about emotions, young mothers & fathers bouncing their giggling babies on their knees, girlfriends playing cards and college students cramming on their laptops.

Hooray for new haircuts!

I did a (small) bedroom renovation by painting the walls "Essential Grey" from Sherwin Williams! I LOVE my new grey bedroom.

I went to old town to try a lavender infused espresso. It didn't quite meet my expectations - the lavender wasn't very strong... but it was still great espresso! 

One particular morning, I needed classical music, an orange scone & hazelnut coffee for breakfast, as well as some reminders of His love for me.

And then it was Spring…

Easter pretties.

Toasted Coconut Tea for the morning after Easter.

First day as a Starbucks employee!

I visited the Denver Art Museum for the first time!

It WAS a lovely afternoon on Capitol Hill in downtown Denver:

I'm a fan of Passports. :)

FREE cone day at Ben & Jerry's is totally worth celebrating. (I got coffee ice-cream. Duh.) ;)

Say hello to this new Starbucks barista!

"I go to the hills when my heart is lonely, I know I will hear what I've heard before, 
My heart will be blessed with the sound of music…" 

I was SO happy to see one of my favorite films on BIG SCREEN for it's 50th anniversary! 

(ps. Captain Von Trapp was my first crush as a little girl. Hehe.)

One afternoon I went to the coffee shop to write & to journal because the thoughts in my head were too loud… (Gotta love being an introvert INFP.)

Love my cozy Camp Socks from J.Crew!

I bought some Kona Coffee Dipped Shortbreads at Trader Joes.. and ate 3 of them in one sitting. So in case you're wondering, YES, I definitely recommend Kona Coffee Cookies. ;-)