Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sweet Summertime + Day in the Office

Today is a rainy, overcast day and I am having a day in the photography office   photo editing and catching up on e-mails. Though not officially on the calender, summertime weather has arrived in Northern Colorado and already I have been enjoying days at the pool & cloud watching with the little girl I nanny.

Summertime will be busy & full, and yet, my soul waits on. I am learning more of what it means to trust the heart of my Father, wherever He leads me. The other night, I pillowed my head and the tears just spilled. My life has turned out nothing like I always imagined it would as a little girl, but I can be okay with that as I place my full confidence in my Savior who's ways are much greater than my ways. Just yesterday I thought of a song that I know, "I will follow Thee my Savior, where'er the pathway may go... I rest in Thee, trust in Thee, I place my life in Thy hands... I surrender all, my Savior, I hold no thing back from Thee; Every part is Thine to use, Lord, Thy living sacrifice be." It doesn't matter where I'm at geographically. I can glorify my Father wherever He puts me  whether I'm in the depths of the African jungle or I'm wiping the nose of a toddler in church nursery. But so many times, I want to dictate to God HOW I want to serve Him, but then I plunge into the depths of discouragement when life doesn't go my way. Oh Lord, heal me from my own selfishness, and let my life glorify you   even in the most dull & mundane happenings of life.

"When deep water curls around you and fear replaces faith,
When the floods would seem to overwhelm God's promises of grace,
When the fires seem overtaking, and all seems torn and tossed,
Trust His Word. Oh, truly listen; hear Him say: All is not lost.

Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid.
I have redeemed you; You are Mine. Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid.
You are a precious child to Me. Don't be afraid."

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Samantha R. said...

You're right; we can glorify God whereever He puts us. And where we are is where He wants us to be because we are trusting Him step by step and following His lead! :)

Seeking His will each day... keep trusting Him, Leah!