Monday, June 11, 2012

Missions Monday | Seeing People As He See's Them

"She's   you know  one of those person's who keeps to herself."

These words echoed in my head & tears stung as I pillowed my head.

The Accuser whispered, "That's why people don't like you. That's why you only had a couple close friends growing up. That's why your relationship ended 3 years ago   he didn't like you because you were too quiet & that's why he married someone else. That's why you're never included in other people's plans. You're a silent, good-for-nothing introvert." 

Our society places such a big emphasis on personality & personality type. Admittedly, I myself am one of those persons who likes to perceive what people are like & stereotype them. Quite honestly, within a short while of meeting someone, I can pretty well tell you what a person's personality type is. "She's definitely an INFJ" or "He's totally a Mr. Steady." (I personally am an INFP.) While it can be beneficial to knowing how that other person is going to relate or how they are going to take information in, stereotyping others can be a dangerous thing because it doesn't give room for God to work in that relationship or situation.

So today's 'Missions Monday' is a reminder to myself and for all of us  to see other's and our own selves as God see's people. Not how we perceive them.

Don't shut people out of your life just because they're different then you are.

"Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good." Genesis 1:31


Emily said...

What a wonderful reminder Leah!

Amber Noella said...

I am an INFJ.
All my life I have been called quiet & shy & it litertally brings me to tears every time. I had bitterness built up over it & sometimes just questioned God why He made me as I am. I am 18 years old now & He has completely did a work in me! I am STILL growing, but He just reminds me about who I am in Him & He's used my quietness for good. Don't listen to the accuser. I LOVE that beautiful picture by the way, Leah! You are so talented. Keep on being you ;)

Samantha R. said...

Keep on being you and people will love you because your honest and genuine! :)
I use to be more into the whole personality thing and analytical about it too.. I think I'm an ISFJ now but it doesn't really matter much anymore. I love people for who they are. I think we can get too carried away with the whole introvert/extrovert thing. Also I've noticed that some people use it for excuses as to not try new things or for why they don't communicate well etc..
I firmly believe that no matter your personality type, one can learn to communicate well and have great relationships!

You seem outgoing to me; I would have never guessed you were an "I".!