Monday, June 18, 2012

Missions Monday | Be a Missionary. Right Here.

What do YOU think about when you think of the word, 'Missions'?

Automatically, having been to four different foreign countries, I think of people living in card board huts, taking showers in water that smells like sewer (seriously, the showers smelled like sewer in the Philippines...), taking bucket baths in Thailand, having giant beetles land on my shoulder, sweat dripping down my back in the extremes of humidity, eating sticky rice & mangoes at every meal and such things.

Though roughing it at times, I loved the thrill of adventure & surviving in the remote areas of Fiji or Thailand.

In a recent opportunity I had to go to Cambodia as a long term missionary, the Lord let me know that going to Cambodia was not what He has planned for me. I struggled with guilt. "Lord, you need laborers in the harvest! The missionaries in Cambodia are begging for more laborers. I LOVE to help people. But, I'm having to tell them, 'NO, I can't come'? So... am I being selfish by staying here?" I can just see Him looking at me with cocked smile on his face, "So you're willing to follow me anywhere, my daughter? Really? That is wonderful. I want you to stay here."

It seems so much more "spiritual" and glamorous to fly half way around the world to a foreign land with the name tag, "foreign missionary" ... but right now, the Lord wants me to be a missionary in my two part time jobs (Nannying & Chick-fil-A) and in my photography business. Taking a little girl to swimming lessons or her piano lessons, ringing up Chicken sandwiches for customers at Chick-fil-A or photographing a wedding don't seem like glamorous things to do, but it IS missions work. I AM a missionary. I AM a missionary right HERE.

As a Christ follower, I AM the temple of the Holy Ghost. He lives IN me... wherever I am.  I am representing Christ at the gas station, at the grocery store, at the restaurant, at the coffee shop.

Be a "little Christ" today!
[wherever you are.]

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