Monday, April 23, 2012

Missions Monday | He Has Promised GOOD

Yesterday morning in my morning haze, I logged on to my e-mail and was "WOWed" to get this message in my box from some missionaries I know who minister from Singapore, the Philippines, and all over Southeast Asia:  "The Lord has opened a wonderful door for you in our orphanage (in Cambodia). [Will] you come?" Not just for a few weeks, or a couple months — but on an indefinite/permanent type basis — and I'd be leaving the States for Cambodia around the first of November.

Quite honestly, as the day progressed, I found myself freaking out in panic & anxiety. So much so, that on an hour long drive home, my Colitis/Crohns "attacked" me pretty bad and I had to pull over for a while. Ridiculous, YES?

"Woah, woah, anxiety is NOT from God," I told myself, "And what hymn were you JUST reminding yourself of yesterday??" It was the words of the hymn in the above picture.

"The Lord has promised good to me, His Word my hope secures. 

He will my shield & portion be, As long as life endures."

—Amazing Grace hymn

So, am I really trusting God that HE has my BEST in mind if He calls me to Cambodia as a lone English speaking, American missionary to minister to orphaned children who are motherless & fatherless?

Psalms 139:10, "Even there Your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me."

It's not that I don't WANT to go — on the contrary — but now it's the hundreds of "what-ifs" scenarios that keep rehearsing in my mind & wondering what it will be like.

This week will be spent heavily in prayer seeking God for His direction for my life and where He's leading me, and I'll most likely be in phone conversation with my missionary friends in southeast Asia to talk over more details. I'm praying for God's peace to prevail if this is direction He wants me to go, and a clear "no" from Him if this isn't His will for me at this time.

Lisa posted some pictures of some of the orphans there in Cambodia.

And these faces with big brown eyes kinda squeeze my heart already... ;-)


Samantha R. said...

God will lead you to His perfect will, Leah. Pray hard and seek His face :)
You're right- anxiety is not from God. Oh how easily we tend to worry and fret etc... and create chaos in our lives that was never meant to be there.
I'm sure God will give you a clear answer because HE wants us to know His will and He is never the "author of chaos and confusion". :)
He will give you perfect peace.
1Co 14:33

Britton Felber said...