Monday, March 12, 2012

THE Office Space for Leah Christine Imagery

Here you have it: the newly "renovated" office area for Leah Christine Imagery! (mainly a new office desk & storage ottoman to sit at)

You have no idea how wonderful it is & how grateful I am to have a functioning work space specifically for 'Leah Christine Imagery.' The last four years of being a professional photographer & being in business, I literally have parked myself with my laptop wherever I could find room... the livingroom couch, kitchen table, and most recently, it has been at the dining room table with 3 students who are constantly studying. Though no one's fault, that particular area seems to be the "hub bub" of life and noise, thus making it quite difficult to buckle down without distractions.

I've come to see and realize (myself) that this photography business is not a passing dream... it's not a "trial & error" workshop-in-the-garage... it's not a JOKE. It is an important, functioning business, and so likewise, a functioning work space is necessary. Yes, portability is fantastic when traveling, but when I'm home, it's important for me to work without distractions.

And so, here you have it my friends! This is definitely not the "final presentation". I'm going to need to come up with a way to file, organize, and store paperwork, and I'd also like to personalize it a bit and make it more "photographer-ish" ... like perhaps setting up lenses/camera body on display? The possibilites are numerous!

Maybe I'm OCD. But the unvacuumed carpet & wires underneath the desk are really bugging me in these images. Sorry, blog readership. ;-) Maybe it's just being a visual photographer. Yeah. That's what it is... ;-)


Marci said...

Praise the Lord! It's just gorgeous! It will be a great work space. All it need is a cup of coffee on a coaster! "Prepare thy work without, and make it fit for thyself. . . ." Proverbs 24:27

Rachel said...

Good job Leah! I just totally rearranged my bedroom and it feels SO good! Also, I love your new profile picture.