Monday, March 19, 2012

Missions Monday | Denver, CO | New Weekly Blog Series!

Words cannot express how excited I am about this new, weekly blog series — Missions Monday!

A couple of weeks ago, I was "burning some midnight oil" (that's typical for me, just ask my family. Ha.) The house was quiet, still, and I was reading & meditating. And then it just hit me like a lightbulb.

If I have passion for this and if this is apart of ME, who I am, I need to broadcast it outloud to the world.

Like ON my blog.

This past Friday evening, I was driving home from an inspiring photography business talk/meeting, and as I drove home, the Lord prompted me, "Leah, you really need to start this 'Missions Monday' blog series. THIS Monday." And then I started arguing with myself, "But I failed my calling & my purpose two summers ago. I failed..." And then God just said, "If I gave Jonah a second chance, I am giving you another chance too, Leah." Oh, what mercy & grace from Him when I fail so much.

At the birth of my professional photography business four years ago, the Lord gave me this vision statement for my business, "To use photography for the advancement of His kingdom."

So what does this 'Missions Monday' blog thing exactly look like? I will be posting pictures from my excursions around the globe in years past (New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand, the Philippines — and any other countries I may visit down the road), quotes, and who knows what else that is Missions related every Monday.

So for this installment of Missions Monday, I bring to you a picture — not from a thirld world country — but a photograph taken just a little over an hour from my house — the mile high city: Denver, Colorado.

Just this past Friday afternoon, I met this beautiful little girl as I was walking down streets in a "poverty stricken" area of Denver. At first, I was timid and unsure if I should approach her (I mean, hello, what if some creeper or gun-slinger jumped out in front of me?) But I DID approach her, asked what her name was... and took a portrait.

"Break me for the nations. Let my heart become Your heart for all the world.
Send me to the harvest as an ambassador to speak Your Holy Name.
Send me, Use me as a vessel yielded in the Master’s hand and
Please touch me with Your anointing for a world that’s broken and in need."

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