Thursday, February 23, 2012

2012 Business Goals + the Mustard Yellow Laundromat

Perhaps a little late, but better late than never, right?

Perhaps I am dreaming out of my league, but nobody ever got anywhere without dreaming & striving for a goal! So here are my business goals for 2012.

— Design & launch a custom blog through ProPhoto Blogs
— Make a video for my business/blog (anyone want to volunteer their services?)
— Create a working office space
— Develop a filing system for paperwork
— Purchase a macro lens and a fixed, wide-angle lens (20mm or 24mm?)
— Develop consistent branding for my business
— Host LCI's first beginner's photography workshop in May
— Host LCI's first week-long Internship for beginner photographers in business
— Start offering client images on Flash Drives (if they choose)
— Gifts for my 2012 Brides/Clients

{The Mustard Yellow Laundromat}

{The Mustard Yellow Laundromat}


Grace McC. said...

So, yeah, regarding this yellow laundromat (which I've loved ever since I first drove past it!) ....when you do want to do a photo shoot with me? :P

Monica DeMass said...

Cool pics!! And Awesome goals, girl!! Love you! ~Monica