Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Because It's Funny | A Comic Side to a Photography

First off, here some reasons to NOT date a photographer.

―On a romantic date, you’ll watch the sun go down & think “Wow this is gorgeous” & they’ll go “mirror lock, tripod & stop down f/8 at 1/125.”
―You’ll never be able to enjoy TV, movies, or magazines because they’ll point out all the visual flaws.
―They like to sit in obscure coffee shop and voyeuristically watch people for great lengths of time.
―You’ll never get to enjoy freshly cooked meals because they’ll spend 15 minutes taking 20 variations of the same dish.
―That photo they randomly took of you yesterday? Good luck getting them to send it to you.
―They spend all their time on the computer.
―They’ll be fussy over the position of a common household object, like a coffee cup.
―They won’t return your calls or text messages, but you can bet they’re still posting pics on Instagram.
―They like trespassing into old abandoned buildings filled with health hazards.
―You can’t go anywhere new without them stopping to take a photo of everything and anything

This is definitely going to be my kid someday while Mommy gets ready to do a client portrait session.
Camera bag = check
Child = check
He WILL have different jammies on, by the way. ....Just in case you're wondering.


Taylor said...

this is the true!!!

Emily said...

Loooove it!!! Haha!

__bw said...

I've seen this photo many times on the net. Are you the owner ?