Monday, September 5, 2011

And So, We Say Goodbye

After six months of changing diapers, school pick ups, piano lessons, gymnastics practice, and well, just being like "Mommy" every week day, God made it clear that my full time job with three dear Kiddos was coming to an end.

And so, we said goodbye.

She sobbed herself to sleep.

He refused to actually say 'goodbye' and only stared blankly at the floor.

Little One clung to my leg and gave me a hug.

I cried till my eyes were red and mascara was smeared & smudged.

And now I cling to the remembrance of happy times...

...Like times we went to the park and played on slides,
fed ducks with bread at the duck pond,
and drank slushies from Sonic...

Thank you, Lord, for the ministry of your precious Little Ones.







Children of the heav’nly Father
Safely in His bosom gather;
Nestling bird nor star in Heaven
Such a refuge e’er was given.