Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Greater is HE that is in you.

How could I possibly put the last few days into words? All I can say is that God is indeed working here in the Philippines, and (literally) thousands are making confessions of faith in Christ. Praise Him!

My eyelids are heavy after a very long day (I preached the gospel in 8 classrooms today!) but I wanted to write a quick update.

Today has been quite a day! First, we woke up to a 6.2 earthquake here in the Philippines, 240 of all the students I preached the gospel to today made confessions of faith (praise the Lord!), and our team had 1 student that was demon possessed. The girl went crazy the minute that Pastor Randy WALKED into the classroom... He hadn't even been speaking to the class yet! WOW. A local Filipino Pastor (Pastor Mitch) laid hands on her and prayed the blood of Jesus over her. It took her a minute to calm down, but she eventually did. The girl said that she saw dark figures, and that they were coming to take her with them...! This is a real spiritual battle we are fighting, and the enemy does not like the work God is doing -- but praise God, HE is GREATER!

Thank you for praying. God is answering, I know!

As far as the earthquake goes... we had an aftershock of about 5.2 or so, this afternoon -- just shortly after we left the school where the girl was demon posessed... Um, can I say... interesting?? I was thinking today how the Bible says that earthquakes are just the birthpains of the Lord's second coming. Satan knows his time is short, and that many souls are turning to Christ here in the Philippines, and he hates it.

There HAS been a tsunami warning issued (contrary to news reports...), but it is in another town 3 hours away from us... even though we here are around about 18 miles or so from the coastline.

DO be in prayer for other team members that are quite sick and weak.

SO happy & excited to be serving in His kingdom advancement,

Our team having our first breakfast in the Philippines on Friday!

Pastor Mike Redick (who we're working with here in the Philippines)


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Samantha R. said...

Wonderful and amazing!! It's encouraging to hear such an awesome report from you, Leah!

The earthquakes must be a bit interesting to say the least! Praying for you all there!