Thursday, June 2, 2011

And I am still here!

Hello long lost friend.

Today someone asked me, "Sooo, is blogging a 'thing of the past' for you now?" My answer was absolutely NO. :-) And then I pondered in shock.. has it really been over a month since I last came here and jotted my thoughts?

I could possibly still find little bits of time here and there to write teeny updates, but now instead of pictures, my updates would be filled with stories about adventurous grocery shopping trips with 3 children, driving all 3 kiddos around for school pick ups, gymnastics practice, and piano lessons..., or I might even mention attempts at washing my car -- all while the hose decides to dance a jig all across the lawn and get everything in it's path sopping wet -- including me. Oh, and I guess I haven't told you all yet...

I purchased my first car a few weeks ago! God's provision was simply amazing. I bought a 2003 white Ford Focus SE. It only had 74,000 miles on it and everything important (the engine, transmission fluid, battery, etc) was in flawless condition! Of course, being a used car, there were a few little inexpensive things to fix (like window power buttons, and a hatch back lock, etc.) God is so incredibly good and gracious! Whenever I turn the key, smell my MidSummer's Night scented car air freshner, and drive off ... I smile. I love my car!


Another piece of happy news is that a dear friend of mine was married a couple weeks ago. I made a trip to the midwest and count it a priviledge & honor that I got to stand up as a bridesmaid in the wedding. There were times of tears, laughter, hugs, and memories... it all was such a beautiful weekend.


This fabulous image is created by Evy Porter at

This fabulous image is created by Evy Porter at

God has been teaching me so much of His sufficiency. How many times I am like the woman at the well... seeking for things that do not truly satisfy. It is only when I am living in such sweet, open communion with my Father, and live with HIM as my All that I can experience true Christian living. Oh Jesus, strip me of  mySELF and fill me with YOURSELF!

5 weeks from this morning, I will find myself boarding a plane for Manila, Philippines! I am very excited about this intense time of evangelism, but I do appreciate each and every prayer in my behalf... that God would go before me and speak through me. I won't lie... I am nervous about getting in front of college classrooms and speaking for 20 minutes (where I'll be giving a gospel presentation each time.) Some class rooms may have as many as 300 students in them!

I'm sorry this post doesn't have any REAL imagery from my professional camera. Sadly, I don't carry it around with me as much as I used to. Now, my lousy camera phone serves it's purpose for those quick, momentary shots when I'm running about or at work.

Stay tuned for some new updates very shortly! I've done a few senior portrait sessions and a Kindergarten graduation ceremony over the last couple months. I just haven't had any time to post any sneak peeks on the blog. ;-)




Anonymous said...

I am reading a missionary book and they were in the Philippines!! It's called Mountains Singing and it is amazing.

I trust your time there will be encouraging and a time of spiritual growth for you.

"He that watereth shall be watered also himself."

A sister in Christ,
Amy in NY

Samantha R. said...

You've been on my mind! Your car looks great and I'm glad to see how the Lord provided for you in a special way.
Beautiful wedding shots; Evy does such a good job. I love the bridesmaid dresses you girls were wearing. :)

Britton Felber said...

It was good to see you at the wedding! Wow, and think we were, two wedding photographers from other parts of the country IN the same wedding. lol. Good times! And great friends of ours got married...

island princess said...

If you're ever in NC, lemme know.. Love to hang out again!
I love your photography.. it reflects the way you look at life, and I see God's smile in them. Keep it up. :)