Thursday, April 14, 2011

Times of Rest

This morning I was particularly exhausted and I kept slapping the snooze button on the alarm. 5:50am always comes so early for this woman!

I rolled over to look at the clock. It was 6:18, and good grief, time to get chopping with the day!

My phone vibrated to alert me with a text message. In my groggy state, I stumbled over to get my phone, ..and I got the message that I didn't need to come into work today! Thank you Lord for an unexpected day off of work!

Unable to get some more rest, I proceded down to the kitchen, and made my family some breakfast: warm, fluffy pancakes made from scratch. No Bisquick here, peeps. ;) I just love making breakfast!

Later on, I headed out for a couple hours of shopping at Kohls, Dress Barn, and Maurices. Good grief ladies, it's hard to stick to your budget when you find such fun, bright colored spring selections in clothing! To finish a lovely afternoon off, I went to Panera Bread with my MacBook Pro & sipped a Chai Tea Latte in a big mug while I surfed the web. What a great time!
Since I started working full time again, the weekends have become such a treat. Though I dearly love "my" kiddos, it's so nice to relax and enjoy a different pace on Saturdays & Sundays... or the ability to go places by myself without the little ones. (Um, I feel kind of selfish for thinking that... Le Sigh.)

A Saturday night three weeks ago, I dressed up in a black dress & string of pearls, and got to do #41 on my List of Deams -- I got to watch pianist Jim Brickman preform live in concert! I bought a third floor seat ticket, since it was cheapest. When I arrived at the concert hall, they notified me that they closed the third floor for the night. I was rather disappointed, and wondered what they were going to do! A sweet, little, old lady told me to follow her, and she'd direct me to my new seat. ...and I ended up getting a main floor seat for no extra charge! I was thrilled. It was a two hour concert, titled, "An Evening of Romance with Jim Brickman." He played many of his solo piano hits, including, If You Believe, Angel Eyes, Love of My Life, Beautiful, The Love I've Found in You, My Valentine, The Gift, etc. The beautiful piano music was so awe inspiring, emotion filled, & calming!



Then two Saturdays ago, I splurged and got my first pedicure & manicure of the season done. So fun! :) My newest favorite color to get my nails painted with is a metallic silver color. After getting pampered for a while, I dropped by the frozen yogurt shop, and enjoyed a tasty treat.


Last weekend, I attended my church's Ladies' Retreat in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado! It was so beautiful, and such a refreshing time. The theme of the retreat was "Peace."

In other news, I feel like I've been so neglectant of my blog the last few weeks! It's amazing how priorities get shifted when our lives change and God redirects our steps.

Speaking of God redirecting steps, right now I find myself wondering if the Lord wants me to carry out my photography business into the future. I am asking myself many questions, wondering if I have the personality or the ability to actually run a business of my own. If the Lord wants me to continue with business, I'm praying that he'd send me a business partner! I need a business partner to help manage the financial sides of things, taxes, etc. It's just all too much for me personally to handle if I should continue to go further. Either that... or someone teach me how to outsource.

I could prattle endlessly tonight, my friends and blog readers, but tomorrow is another work day, and my rest is vital for having a happy spirit & good attitude tomorrow! ;-)

Check back on the blog soon to see a series of photos from the Ladies Retreat!


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Samantha R. said...

Cute photos of you and how fun and exciting to go to the Jim Brickman concert and get a great seat after all!!! What a blessing!! :)

I'll be praying for you and the future concerning your photography business. I'd join you if I could. My sis is taking accounting and would make a great business partner-someday!
I hope to get her to help me if I ever get my own business going more than it's going now...