Monday, March 28, 2011

Help Send Leah to the Philippines!

Recently, the Lord has opened a very exciting opportunity up for me! This July a group from my church, Front Range Baptist Church, will be taking a missions trip to the Philippines to be a part of the Philippines Gospel Campaign, which is led by missionary Mike Redick’s Student Movement for Christ.

The Philippines Gospel Campaign is an evangelistic outreach that focuses on bringing the Gospel to school and college campuses all across the Philippines. Each summer there are seven week-long campaigns and each group has the opportunity to give out the Gospel to literally thousands of students! This is what Missionary Mike Redick tells us took place last summer:

“Our 7 week campaign saw 123 people from 8 different countries join together to reach the campuses of the Philippines. In all we spoke on 6 different islands and on over 200 university and high school campuses. We preached the gospel 2119 times to 109,504 people and saw 71,844 people make decisions for the Lord.”

As you can see, this is an incredible opportunity the Lord has opened up for me, and on a trip like this “the harvest truly is plenteous”! The dates of the trip will be July 9 – 16.

We have already been praying much about our missions trip this summer. Could I ask you to help in this area as well? We realize that this is a tremendous opportunity for us to be a part of the Gospel Campaign. However, we also understand that if our group goes out not properly supported with prayer, we will fall far short of helping those we will minister to. Would you commit yourself to pray for the following requests:

1. For souls to be led to Christ
2. That there will be a unity & common goal among our group
3. That each of us will be able to raise the needed support ($2,000)

Since this is a missions trip, my goal is to raise the needed money like a missionary on deputation would. Any financial assistance you may choose to give would be greatly appreciated; but, first and foremost, I am asking for your prayers. Thank you for your part in making this missions trip a success.

P.S. If you choose to help financially, please make your check payable to:

Front Range Baptist Church
625 East Harmony Road
Fort Collins, CO 80525

*Please be sure to note my name (Leah Cross) in your response. I will be notified of your donation and upon return of our trip, will send you a letter of how the Lord has blessed.




Samantha R. said...

Wow, what a wonderful opportunity! I will praying for you and the trip.
I also have a friend who lives in the Philippines. She married a native and they have an adorable little boy now. (she originally went to the Philippians many years ago with Laymen ministries.

Emily said...

Leah, I will be praying for you as you share the Lord's love with these people! Unfortunately I cannot send any money, but if I could, I certainly would!

Amber Noella said...

Oh wow. My mouth is about ready to drop open.
First of all, this is an amazing thing!

I had signed up a few weeks ago to win a scholorship for a missions trip this summer & they called me yesterday & said I won. And guess where it is?
Yup. You guessed it. The Phillipines. Wow. I will be praying! (Pray for me too?)