Monday, February 7, 2011

Leah's List of Dreams

That's right. They're just dreams.

But sometimes, dreams really do come true.

1. Visit England
2. Test drive a Mini Cooper
3. Own a Mini Cooper
4. Get married
5. Visit Prince Edward Island - done June 2016
6. Visit Tahiti and Bora Bora
7. Buy my 1st car - completed May 6, 2011
8. Make coffee as tasty as a commercial coffee shop - First day as a Starbucks barista, April 9, 2015
9. Dance with my (future) husband for first time
10. Sing a vocal duet with my husband
11. Learn to play guitar
12. Learn to play cello
13. Hear/See comedian Tim Hawkins preform live - completed September 24, 2011
14. See Yo Yo Ma preform Bach Cello Suite No. 1 live - completed April 24, 2017
15. Attend an Andre Rieu concert
16. Sleep in a hammock
17. Sleep under the stars
18. Sail on a sailboat
19. Boat across a lake at night under a star-filled sky
20. Shoot a gun - completed March 3, 2013
21. Photograph a wedding with Jasmine Star*
22. Have my photography published in a bridal book or magazine
23. Fall head-over-heals, unashamedly in love with the man I'll one day marry
24. Have a professional photo blog
25. Photograph an international destination wedding - completed September 19, 2012
26. See a movie in 3D - completed February 17, 2011
27. Go to the American Girl Place - visited Denver location June 2014
28. Have an official room set aside for my business office
29. Have a cranberry red room in my house
30. Go horse back riding
31. Go berry picking
32. Get my first french manicure & pedicure - Mani on May 12, 2011; Pedi on July 23, 2011
33. Dress up in formal attire & eat out at a fancy restaurant with formal dining
34. Go tubing at a ski resort
35. Be a photography teacher - Taught a 1 hour class at a FRBA on October 6, 2011
36. Have a photography exhibit at a bridal show
37. Attend my first musical broadway - Watched "Wicked" in Denver on June 7, 2015
38. Stay at a quiant bed & breakfast in Ouray, CO
39. Soak/swim in a real hot springs
40. Be in full time, vocational Christian ministry
41. See pianist Jim Brickman preform live - completed March 26, 2011
42. Own my own Maltese, Yorkie, and/or Shih Tzu dog (and name him "Gus") :-)
43. Summit Pikes Peak (Colorado) - completed (by rail) on December 3, 2016
44. Climb Longs Peak (Colorado)
45. Learn how to do latte art
46. Ride a Gondola in Venice, Italy
47. Make Crepes for the first time - tried the summer of 2016
48. Make my first Rhubarb Pie
49. Visit Switzerland
50. Visit Austria
51. Name a star
52. Dance in the rain
53. Serve overseas as a missionary for a lengthy amount of time: (6 months or longer)
54. Get a professional massage
55. Get a professional facial done at a salon
56. Go to a drive-in theater - done September 5, 2015
57. Visit the Maroon Bells in Aspen, CO - done September 24, 2015
58. Host my first Leah Christine Imagery photography workshop - done May 19, 2012
59. Attend a concert at Red Rocks Ampitheatre - done August 13, 2015
60. Hear Josh Groban sing LIVE in concert - done August 19, 2016

"Life isn't about living forever
it's about making the journey really count."



Amber Noella said...

These are great! Some of them are mine, too ;)

Samantha R. said...

Beautiful Dreams; some of which I've already done and loved!

I hope you get a chance to pick berries and dress up and shoot a gun and be published! Who knows where God might take your dreams?

#1 on your list would for sure be on my list too!!

Bright Stars said...

inspiring i am going to write out my list after work!! Leah your such an amazing photographer! love your picture here in the post <3

Christina said...

Have you really never picked berries?!? I can so help you with that one. Next time you get to visit Michigan in the summer you'd better let me know and you can come to the farm and pick whatever berry happens to be in season. I mean really we grow and sell them like crazy...come on over.

Marissa Whitney said...

You've inspired me to create my own list! It's a great idea. :) On my list is mountain hiking/climbing and visit PEI, too... someday I'd love to go with you!

Kristina said...

This is a great list... although I think visiting me in KS should soooo be on this list. ;-) Miss you my friend!