Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Give Me Jesus

Lately I just haven't known WHAT to say on the blog. Perhaps it's because it all relates to my personal life and I hardly know how to put it out there in words.

Everywhere around me I keep hearing, "Oh, her husband cheated on her and went after another woman, so now they're divorced." Or, "He thought he was making the right choice when he married his wife many years ago, but now he knows he made a mistake, and he's miserable because of it." I shudder when I hear those words. Inwardly, I shrink and clench my teeth at those terrible, terrible words. Why are such awful things happening in marriages and relationships these days? Have we become so selfish and selfish minded that all we care about is me, myself, and I?

I get weary of the gossip that gets spread around by Christian woman about other ladies in the church or families that are doing "this-and-this" wrong.

I get tired of hearing women counsel other women about what they need to do in order to obey God. They listen to other people's advice, without going to God about it. They listen to other men's advice and whatever they have to say, they do it. All they care about is people's approval of them.

I get weary of the discussions about what modest dress really is. Someone told me recently that they get bothered by a young lady who wears a skirt, blouse, and a jacket over it (rather than a dress or a jumper). Why? Because while they may be covered and modestly dressed, they're still immodest because it's conforming to the world -- simply because it's store bought. Hmm, well my groceries are store bought -- does this mean, I should grow a garden out back and raise a heard of cattle and go hunting for my meat so I can avoid corforming to the world in my eating? I've even heard the expression, "Oh, it's so fun wearing godly nightgowns!" I suppose since I'm wearing black plaid pajama bottoms and a black t-shirt to bed that I'm not wearing "godly" night clothing...?

Don't get me wrong. I am all for standards and principles. I think it's good to set up "safe guards." For instance, I personally don't like going to movie theatres for the sake of my Christian testimony. (However, I have gone to the theatre a couple times for a movie like "Fireproof" or something like that. But even then, I try to excerise caution.) Anther thing I personally don't like is Contemporary Christian Music. To me, by putting rock music with "Christian words" is like saying I drink "Christian beer" or I smoke "Christian Cigars". Of course, there's no such thing. It's hard for me to imagine people "rocking out" to songs around God's holy throne in heaven someday.

Buuut, back to what I was saying, I am very weary of so many people getting wrapped up and focused around stuff and issues, and walking around in judgementalism towards everyone else who doesn't do what they do. Where is God in ALL of this? Where is putting Him first above everything?

When we love Jesus with all of our hearts, we WILL do what is right - simply out of our love for Him. Not because we had to work it up ourselves or because someone else told us we had to do something.

When will we WAKE UP, get our eyes off of ourselves and our selfishness, and serve God, and God alone?

Just give me Jesus...


Samantha R. said...

I hear you, sister!
I can't stand Legalism.
I'm all for morals and standards and personal convictions. But who are to judge and say that nightgowns should be worn over pj bottoms and a modest t-shirt? God doesn't put such specifics in the Bible. And I don't they such specifics are necessary, either.

If we are following Jesus and are truly committed to Christ, then He will reveal to us if we are sinning or going astray. Sometimes He does use other people to help us out along the way...

But gossip and slander is not right.

The older I get, the more I dislike CCM too. But don't get me started! ;)

Follow Jesus, keep your eyes on Him and live your life for Him.
It seems so simple.

Marci said...

Hey, Leah, My email is out so I can receive but not send. I'm praying for you. You are a delight to me!