Sunday, January 23, 2011


Are you standing at a crossroad
Wondering which road you should take?
And you're dreading the decision
And a possible mistake.
But the will of God won't lead you
Where the grace of God can't keep you;
And you will never be out of His care.
Remember that the Lord's already there.

You are waiting to hear thunder
And see lightening in the sky;
Oh, but God can work His wonders
Through a still small voice inside.
So keep listening and learning
And continue on the journey,
Following the One who is the Way;
For He's the only road you need to take.

Wherever you are,
Wherever you're going,
God is right there beside you seeing and knowing.
Wherever you go He already knows
What lies ahead and what's behind;
You'll always find He's never too far
From wherever you are.



1 comment:

Christina said...

beautiful leah.
keep your chin up babe...