Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Leah Christine Imagery goes Apple! + Leetle Bits'o Life

So last Christmas a photography friend of mine told me about their recent Macbook purchase. "Haw," I scoffed inwardly, "I'll never buy an Apple..." Because, you know, PCs were safe. It's what I've always known and always loved.

Heeelllooo peeps. That same chic, not even a year later, finally made the switch to Mac! I "bit the apple" you might say. ;)

I like the 13" inch laptop for portability & travel's sake, and in time, if I'm able to, I'd like to get an iMac desktop computer to put in my home studio office for editing and processing images.

All this to say, I'm so excited!

Leah Christine Imagery goes Apple!

Leah Christine Imagery goes Apple!

Leah Christine Imagery goes Apple!

In closing, I just want to put something out there...

To say that starting a photography business has been "glory all the way" would be far from the truth. This year I have found myself failing miserably in my business. I have been so overwhelmed with the workload: the constant, never ending STREAM of e-mails to process and go through everyday, the voice mail to reply to, the thousands upon thousands of images to individually edit, deadlines to make, making me feel like I have no life whatsoever outside of staring at a computer screen all day. The couple weeks I have come so close to quitting. Why? Because running a self employed business is risky. Failure is scary. Failing is humiliating. It seems easier to just give up and live a comfortable life, free of people's negative comments and low opinions of me. It seems easier to not try at all, rather than to blow my nose, get back up, and try, try, try again (..even if it means falling again). The last week I have shed tears. I have sat with my sister and called my closest friends and uttered, "I don't know" so many times. I have been on my knees asking God if I'm really meant to have a full time photography business, and what it is that I'm really supposed to do!

I am absolutely indebted to so many people, especially to members of my immediate and extended family for cheering me on and encouraging me not to quit what I love doing most. Thank you for calling me and telling me over the distances and miles, "Leah, you're not a quitter. We believe in you. You can't let this stop you. YOU ARE NOT A QUITTER. This is only a stepping stone to learn from."

My Mom once told me that I would always need people in my life who would make me laugh. People who make me a laugh till my face was red and my stomach hurt. I remember when she first told me that, I looked skeptically at her, "You mean... I'm going to have to be surrounded by idiotic clowns the rest of my life?" Okay, I did not really reply like that, but I wasn't so sure I needed humorous people in my life just as much as she said. ;) Now, I see more than ever, that those hilarious, humorous people in my life are such anchors in my life. They remind me to not look at things so seriously, and to laugh at the mistakes and crazy things we do. Thank you to all the people who keep me laughing.

I think I'm ready to get back up, and try again.

"Chasing dreams usually involves failing miserably a million times before getting it right."